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Grapefruit Mango Goat Milk Soap

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Enhanced with goat milk, this is an exhilarating, wake-me-up citrus combined with sweet, sun-kissed mango is what can be only describe as a "happy soap". Definitely will make you smile and moisturizing goat milk will give you a great creamy lather that will leave your skin rejuvenated.

Goat milk also has naturally occurring lactic acid that helps keep skin smooth by encouraging skin turnover (it acts similar to a gentle peel). It also contains many vitamins, specifically A, D and B6, as well as the anti-oxidant Selenium.

The protein strands of goat milk are shorter than other types of milk and are more readily absorbed by skin.  

The goat milk I use is made by happy goats that are never fed anything genetically modified or containing animal bi-products and they are raised on farms that do not use any sprays, insecticides, or pesticides. The goat milk is whole and pasteurized and has no BGH( growth hormones), antibiotics, or preservatives.

Weight: one (1) 4.5 ounce bar

Ingredients: Organic Goat Milk(NON-GMO fed, antibiotic & growth hormone free), Organic Leaf Lard, Pure Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Fair Trade Raw Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Apricot Seed, Organic Fair Trade Raw Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Phthalate-Free Fragrance, Cruelty Free Silk, Mica, Sodium Hydroxide (None remains after saponification). 

Use: Soap is for external use only. Keep out of eyes. If wanting to put it away, please allow soap to dry thoroughly then store in a cool dry container away from bright light.This is a handmade product, to maximize your enjoyment and to extend the longevity of your bar, keep bar dry between uses, a draining soap dish works best.

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